Friday, May 27, 2011

File under//bad day

So i do this thing when I get really overwhelmed. I stop seeing anybody,stop calling and stop answering calls. I stop seeing my sister, niece and nephews which make me extremely happy and less crazy feeling. Add to that the wacky hormones that are circulating my body now that I'm on the nuva ring again. Add to that I wake up and realize today it has been 3 years since Ed's grandma died, my brain kind of imploded. After attempting to leave the house, failing miserable and crying in bed I took a nap and feel much better.
It's very hard to put into words how much i miss her. She always knew what was wrong and always said the best thing to make you feel better and understood. She shaped the love of my life into the person he is today. She extended that same love to me, the kind of love where the  person thinks you are capable of doing  anything you set you mind to, and aren't the least bit surprised when you do succeed because the knew you would all along. I wish she could be with us to see our home and the success Ed has become, not that she would be surprised but it would be fun to have her here.  We miss you very very much grandma, we think and talk about you all the time.
Love us.


emilykidd said...

What beautiful pictures!

I think there is just something about Grandmas, they have this never ending belief in you which you feel even after they are gone.

Glad you're feeling a bit better, my birth control has been messing with my hormones a lot so I know how you're feeling.

Take care, Emily.

Rea Jones said...

Man, Ed's grandma was a hottie! :) It's ok to miss people who have passed. I miss Dad all the time.

As far as the hormones go, just sit tight, honey. This isn't permanent. The advice I was given when they shot me full of hormones was to not make any life changing decisions until you're back to normal.

Hang in there, girlie. :)

Danielleorama said...

Thank girls :)

Haha yeah Nicole, I am holding off from things like shaving my head :D

bi.polar.sewer said...

those are what i tend to call "sad naps". Most of the time after sad napping you wake up feeling moderately better :)

Anything but Bland said...

your grandmother is BEAUTIFUL! WOW! I am your new follower! hope to be friends :)

love, polly :):)

Brett said...

This is super sweet and inspirational, thank you for sharing so much. Having someone who truly believes in you is an amazing feeling.