Monday, May 23, 2011

Movie Monday no.3

 Ok, let's see... I thought this would be appropriate after the failed rapture and all. I'm sure if it actually happened Kirk Cameron would've been one of the first people to float up!  We started out watching this movie as a joke, funny thing is it was actually pretty watchable. There's lots of drama and suspense!

 Here's a few things to know about this movie if you wanna watch it. Mr. Cameron...not the best actor, I'm not sure what happened since Growing Pains but i guess when you choose to not "act for the flesh" you lose some of your sparkle. Despite my initial reaction he did a pretty good job of playing a typical "non believer".  Fireproof is basically a 2 hour ad for a book or couples counseling or something... Judging by the cast he only cares about the marriages of white and black people, but equally as both races are... almost pandering-ly... equally represented.

Ed says we should just write a summary, so here it is:

 Kirk Cameron is addicted to internet pornography and he's a tiny fireman. He hates his wife and his mother. He likes his dad and is saving money for a boat, his wife could use this money for her sick mute mother, needless to say she hates him. She likes to flirt with a tall doofy  Dr. at the hospital she works at. Marriage is in shambles, he calls his dad (refuses to speak to his mother, really doesn't like her). Dad informs him in order to save his marriage he needs to follow the directions in a book he has handwritten. For forty days he has to be nice to his wife. He is half heartedly nice to his wife for 20 days and she files for divorce.

 Then Jesus.

P.s. We watched this based on the raving review of The Duggars.

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Destiny said...

The P.S. put it all into place and made laugh aloud all by myself in my living room. =)