Monday, May 16, 2011

Whistle while you work...

No that's not true, I've been watching Veronica Mars while I work. Netflix seemed to think I would like it and so far I do and I love me some Kristen Bell or as Ed calls her "cat face". I tried to stay away from this show for a loooong time because i had read a livejournal post where someone caught their dad whacking off to it and I couldn't not associate it with that :/ My brain finally relented and I'm trying to put that thought out of my head, ick!

 For the next 2 or 3 nights I will be working on filling orders for the Super Meat Boy store. I haven't set my studio up yet so for now I'm spread out, as you can see above, on the dining table and frequently take breaks to hand sew on the couch. After this batch is done I have one more SMB related plush that I would like to offer the fans and then I really want to get back to my own stuff. Fan plush is quick $ ...but I gotta do me too.

Before I get back to work, the highlights of my day were:

  • Dancing to Rihanna in the car with a bowl full of granola and yogurt on the way to our tax planning meeting. I guess that really doesn't count as dancing but I have some sick moves from the waist up. I could totally compete in some sort of paraplegic dance off.
  • Ed was called a misogynist on twitter earlier today by a pale doughy man who calls himself a feminist, so we've been mock bossing each other around. We need a tv show.
  • My SMB plush were featured on, and I don't believe the person knew I was Ed's wife till someone said so in the comments, so it's a legitimate compliment :D


MarySew said...

veronica mars rocks*!! It's one of my favourite shows and I love watching it while sewing.

* and so do your SMB plushies <3

nova said...

Hahahahaha! Catching your dad ... yeah that would be traumatizing as hell!

* said...

cute little critters and great having a good show to watch while crafting.