Thursday, June 02, 2011

♥ Birth control ♥

prophylactics plus hanging out with these two should cover it right?

  We had dinner tonight with my sis, Joe,and the kids. They came over afterwards and the bubs took a bath in the big tub for the first time, Acacia loved it...Eli not so much, he said it was too big. 

A cut for those of you not interested in my birth control woes ;)

  So yeah with the birth control... I took out the nuva ring last night D: After 9 months of pain but very low hormones on the iud I could not deal with the way I've been feeling for the past week. I've been extremely irritable,tired and queasy and I know it's not gonna "settle" or pass because I remember feeling like this all the time, but with the 9 months of almost hormone free comparison theres no way I can go back. We're going to be as careful as possible and I have about 100 condoms coming in the mail tomorrow(yes I buy everything off amazon), they're microsheer polyurethane. I bought 2 different brands so we'll see if either of them are good. They're supposed to be much better than's going to be hard after 11 years of not using them, it's just not natural for us, but we're definitely not ready for the vasectomy route yet.

  After I took out the nuva ring I really didn't want to think that how I was feeling was all in my mind and just taking it out would have some sort of placebo effect. I woke up this morning though not groggy and I haven't been irritable, felt queasy or had a headache all day! Success! 

This video has been cracking me up all day  and we cant stop saying "nyeow".


Van said...

Sorry it made you sick- I guess the pill doesn't work for you either? I'm going back on it soon, I loved how it lessened period symptoms.

Danielleorama said...

It seems that all hormones make me an angry crazy person, but they did help with the skin *sigh* we cant win.

Elpoo said...

Ah, birth control. Might I suggest a photo of your parents on your bedroom ceiling?
Or when ever you think of sex, imagine your sweetie's wiener as being covered in poison tipped spikes.
Or find Jesus.
Or there's always condoms.

I totally think you should bronze the iud. I will be interested to see what you make of it!

Amber said...

LOL @ "find Jesus".

Cute photos. Bummer about the BC...I'm not on it and haven't been in a long time. I don't like things that mess with my hormones. Keeping condoms close always seemed safe.

Amber said...

Also! I wanted to say how much I love your hair! So cute!

nova said...

Do those dinosaur shoes come in adult sizes?

Uh...I'm asking for a friend...

Danielleorama said...

heh ya'lls funneh :3

Nova, I know! i want all of my shoes to have teensy lil arms<3