Monday, June 13, 2011

Movie Monday no.6

 Last night we started watching this awesome show that was recommended for us on Netflix, Thumbs Up!
It's this artist David Choe, who I think is maybe a little bit crazy, and his friend(uncle's son's nephew?) Harry, hitch hiking through random places. It's 3 seasons long and we're on the 2nd one. It really makes me wanna go around the US. People are so strange or surprisingly nice or both.

 I actually hitchhiked  three times,twice when I was 14, the first time a mom in a minivan picked me and my friend up and told us what a bad idea it was. Then I was by myself trying to get home after ditching a school that I went to that was sort of in the woods. A couple...maybe brother and sister? picked me up in this weird old car , they just fought the whole time and when I think back to it it seems so surreal like they were characters out of the  first texas chainsaw massacre D: The last time was around 3 years ago, i couldn't find the keys to my bike lock and had to get to an appointment. I was on a busy road and only going about 4 miles away so it seemed pretty safe.

 Let's all promise to never ever hitch hike again though, ok? We'll just live vicariously through this show<3


Nicole said...

I will have to try this show out! That sounds incredibly interesting.

The Dainty Squid said...

I absolutely adored this show! I was so sad when I finished all the episodes.

Erin Dawn said...

Oh man, this brings me back to one time an ex of mine told a random stranger we'd give him a ride to the bar in MY car...scariest ride of my life!