Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Movie Monday no.7

Whoa this week has flown by! It suddenly dawned on me, Movie Monday!! Well it's still Monday for me and I have just the perfect thing to share with you.

Remember the the documentary that Ed and our brother from another mother,Tommy, are going to be featured in? >back story here<  It's going to be finished any day now! It's very very exciting. The hardest part of our life was documented on film, I know that sounds dramatic to some people that haven't been "through it", but it. was. crazy., and I think Lisanne and Jamie will show you exactly what goes into making a game independently.

 This film isn't just for "gamers" any independent artist, I think, will be able to draw inspiration from this film and see parallels to their own work. Not only are the people featured motivated independent individuals so are Lisanne and Jamie (Blink Works), two filmmakers and the support of some very generous people on kickstarter are what has made the telling of these stories possible.

 I hope you enjoy this trailer and look forward to seeing the whole thing. I can't watch it without getting goosebumps and feeling sick. I very vividly remember that look in Ed's eyes, a man possessed putting his mind through the wringer daily not to mention every last minute, shitacular bump along the way *ahem*microsoft*ahem*

 After you watch feel free to check out Blink Work's  kickstarter page. They need a bit more money to finish it up properly. If you donate $15 you get the digital copy and $35 gets you the physical version that will (I'm pretty sure) have a lot of extra footage included, I can't wait for commentary from Ed and Tommy!

  Jamie and Lisanne are two of the nicest people we have ever met, not to mention motivated and talented. After the first time they came to film at our little apartment, a few weeks maybe a month later they sent us this video and wrote a really lovely blog post that made me feel so acknowledged...seen, which is something that I really appreciate having always been the girl behind the boy on this journey the past almost 12 years.

 This is the first sneak peak they released ,it features Ed and I'm including it because well it's awesome and he's dreamy.


Krista said...

EEEK!!!!! This is awesome, killer, banging DOPE! I love Braid and Meat Boy and can't wait to see their finished game. WOW! What a small world. My husband did a game for the Iphone Kiss my Asteroids so on a small itsy bitsy scale I know the time and dedication it takes to finish a game. These guys are badass!

BTW...I love the garbage pail kid card collection and that room makes me happy all around. You made a meat boy plushy....too much cool stuff in one post I am squealing with delight over here!

Krista said...

OK and Ed you seem hella freaking cool, such honesty in your words and I love that you loved your Grandma! I'm totally gonna kick down a lil $ for your game.

Best of luck to you!!!

Rea Jones said...

Wow!!! How is exciting is that?! Congrats, you guys! :D

Danielleorama said...

thank you guys<3

You're so sweet krysta!