Friday, June 17, 2011

A peek at our home.

 The beginning of "the wall". The first piece is my treasured cross stitch from  BeeFranck. It says, " If you don't like cats, you don't like me. I love having a dining room where we can eat dinner and play board games with our family and friends, I think it's my favorite part of the house<3
        When unloading the car Ed said, "who are these flowers for?" when I told him they were mine he said,"girls are weird", to which I replied,"'re....weird!".
  I have 0 vases since we moved but my jar of all green sea glass worked perfectly!
  I'm in love with this book.
  I feel so thankful to have a beautiful home with a lovely dining table worthy of displaying this piece of art made by my mom, she's so talented it's ridiculous.
 Newly thrifted dish and yummy cherries!
Tammy, never giving me a moments peace.
The MOST absurd mug I have EVER seen. I was almost too offended to buy it but then I got over it. Note: This is Father's  Uncle's day candy, I absolutely did not stuff it all in my mouth after this photo was taken.


Lielie en Daf said...

I love your home but my favorite is your cross stitch treasure! And offcourse your cat :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your home with us! Love the pictures. Have a super day!

LaurenSmash said...

seriously, does your mom sell those online? That is the most beautiful bowl I have ever seen! xoxo

Krista said...

Beautiful things in a warm home! I love your kitty, she is my favorite! I have a small dog and a siamese cat and would love a hairless. Are they hard to care for?

Danielleorama said...

Thanks guys<3

Hey Lauren! Thank you, I will pass along the comment to my mom. She does not, in fact this was made when i was in elementary school, but she should get a kiln and get to work toot sweet in my opinion!

Hi Krista, they take a lil work as does almost anything that's worth having<3 This is a really great post on what realisitically goes into sphynx grooming.and you can find videos on Youtube :)

Michelle Clement said...

Aaw - love these little peeks (and that mug!!). I have a yellow wall, too, and it brings so much happiness to a room - love your cross-stitch, too!

Marizabeth said...

Your place has so much personality! Love it!