Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Still Tueday for me

  It rained like crazy here today, what happened to summer...Do you like my new blog design?! I used a free layout and tutorial from Katrina@Pugly Pixel and the gold glitter tape is from Amy@AisforAmersand. Amy  has lots of freebies and a new tutorial up right now too! Do you see that little graphic to your right? That's right! 1 giveaway 2 winners, coming soon!

We played Zombies!!! last week and it was awesome. We have 2 of the expansions too so there is big fun to had still!

 Yesterday we were at the mall and while walking by the Vans store Ed saw the giant Hello Kitty  standie and said I should ask if anyone had dibs on it (we are a family of "it can't hurt to ask'ers"). Not only did this super sweet girl take my name and number, she said she had some more of the sticker stuff they put down on the floor. S'more!? Lookit how much I have here D: I'm not sure what I'm doing with it yet but I think it would look good on the ceiling of my studio if I cut out all the vans stickers...or leave em...

You're probably asking yourself did I buy any Vans, I didnt, none of them really grabbed me and I'm in love with my canvas Doc Martens that Sanrio just put out! What a great segue to using this photo I took 2 weeks ago!

I wish I had my phone next to me so I could take a photo and share with you how cute Tammy looks right now. You wouldn't believe that something so peaceful and cute could produce such a rancid smell...rotten eggs ya'll.

P.s. I added some new goodies to the shop last night.


Elpoo said...

Fabulous new design!

Krista said...

You new plushies are adorable, chocolate thunderpants is my favorite!

Cas said...

Love the new layout. :D

Marizabeth said...

Love the new design! It's so very YOU! I also spruced up my own design last night, nothing very dramatic, but sometimes the subtle changes can make a big difference (I hope!). :) Excited for your giveaway!

Brittany said...

The new layout for your blog is really nice. I didn't realize that your blog page was crowded before, but when you changed it I thought to myself 'wow, it's really nice and simple now'. Good job ^_^. I understand how changing that stuff can go as I keep up my own.

Those shoes are adorable o_0!

Amy - a is for ampersand said...

LOVE it!! And I'm SO happy to see you using that gold glitter. That one was secretly my favorite, so to see someone using it warms my heart. You are the best!

M.M.E. said...

Oh my gosh, you are so cool! Zombies, Hello Kitty, and sweet Vans!!! I'm so glad I found your blog. I can't wait to see what you post next.

Danielleorama said...

Thank you for the layout love guys!

lol Krista are you teasin me?! I'm totally gonna name something chocolate thunderpants now :D

Thanks Brittany, yeah this layout has the option to have 2 columns of "gadgets" but i agree less crowded with one on the far right!

Amy, yay! I used to really not like gold in my teens and then slowly in my 20s I've gone crazy for it, i guess Leo's cant fight it forever. The gaudier and the better :D

Aww shucks Megan<3