Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I wore

A big thank you to Ed for taking these photos<3 I have no idea what I'm doing but we had fun.
dress - target
cardigan - old navy
belt - wet seal
necklace - uo
bracelet - xmas gift from Ed
shoes - rocket dog(yay zappos)

 I bought these boots thinking I most likely would have to return them since they're a 10 and rocket dog flats usually fit with no wiggle room so if there was a slight lift in the heal my toesies would be squished , but they're  PERFECT! I've worn them everyday since I got them. I've had this dress for a while so I threw that on this morning because I thought it would look cute with the boots and then I haven't successfully worn the belt since I got it and I saw it downstairs as we were leaving. I believe I wore it successfully and it showed my shape opposed to the dress looking like a long sack. I did good...I think :D


Rachele said...

Love those boots! The belt makes the outfit.

Krista said...

You look lovely as sunshine and those boots make the outfit. I have been also trying to belt dresses (I blame what not to wear) and I do think it has a nice sliming effect.

Cute outfit my dear!


Marizabeth said...

You did wonderfully! Belting long maxi dresses is such a great way to highlight a small waist and still hide any other areas you may want to conceal. I go that route often! Those boots look cozy... and you look like you had fun modeling!