Friday, July 01, 2011

Bath time!

So, I know some people are a little intimidated by the idea of bathing a Sphynx. For me personally it's not a big deal at all. I was a dog groomer for 2 years so being firm with an animal bathing it, and basically getting the job done is not difficult for me. But I know some people are not comfortable with the idea at all, it's like bathing an unruly baby sort of, but some of you probably haven't done that I've alienated everyone! I remember interviewing a few people that felt like leading a dog upstairs into a bathtub if they weren't completely willing was cruel...If you're in control and your pet knows it they tend to feel safe and it makes it much easier. For example I clip all my kitties nails myself and they're usually purring at the end :)

Tammy is a very easy customer. While she doesn't hop right in she will stay in the sink...not unsupervised though. She likes the water pretty darn warm. You would be surprised at how warm a Sphynx is if you've never held one, most people are amazed at how toasty she is, I was when I first reached into her kennel at the airport *tear*.  So first I get her little washcloth wet and scrub her face paying special attention to her mouth, nose, and "whisker holes",don't be afraid to get rough, just think of how rough a mama cats tongue is :) Once her face is clean i lather her up with baby soap and scrub her with the washcloth. Some people put coconut oil on the hard to clean spots prior to the bath, I usually forget to but it is helpful.

I rub her lil paws and push her claws out to try and loosen up the gunk that builds up in there, make sure all the soap is rinsed off, and then wrap her up in a towel.
By the time she has sat in hot water for 5-10 minutes she's pretty relaxed and ready to be bundled up in her blankie so I can get to work. Below you can see where the gunk(oils etc.) build up above their claws. q-tips work well and baby wipes. I clean all that stuff out, clip the nail as close to the quick as I can and then clean off her nails with a baby wipe. The middle photo is the desired finished result.

Tammy says," please get my eye booger mother". The "yuckiest" part is eye boogers and ears. Sphynx get very waxy ears(q-tip on the right), it takes me about 3 q-tips each ear to get them clean and then I will use a baby wipe on the outer area. The q-tip on the left is a little eye booger :x Between baths I clean the corners of her eyes with a bit of wet paper towel and clean her little booty with a baby wipe. I'm hoping as she gets older she will pay more attention to her booty herself :)
All clean and resting on warm laundry<3

I hope that demystified the idea of bathing a hairless cat. It's important to note that I got her from a reputable breeder who got her used to bathing before I ever met her and I've done this bathing routine frequently since I've had her so she's very used to it.

Today I got my packages from TheDestashSquid, tons of cute fabric still left! Just looking at my new num nums makes me want to run up to my studio and lock the door. Here I go!


Krista said...

I love this post! I was so wondering what the whole bath time was like with these kitties. You make it look easy (kinda). She is well taken care of. I wanna hold her!

How often do you bathe her? Does she ever leave oil marks on furniture?

Thanks for sharing she is adorable!

Danielleorama said...

Hi krista,
I bathe her around every 2 weeks and she doesnt oil leave marks on furniture. She does get the inside of her clothes dirty if she wears them for a couple days and her blankies :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Tammy is so nice, I'm always showing your pictures of her to my husband and kids. Enjoy your weekend! :)

I'm Kelly said...

Thanks for the post, very interesting! I'd love to know you're tips on clipping nails solo. I have one kitty who screams no matter how many people are holding him, it's so heartbreaking!

Krista said...

OMG she gets to wear outfits!!!! I thought I saw her in some pac man shirt or something, figured I made it up in my head because how friggin cute is that.

Tell me~ have you made her clothes? :)

rika daniel said...

she is cute! I want to kiss and hug her..:)

Erin Dawn said...

This is insanely cute! I love your cat <3

Autumn said...

I have a confession, I have never really seen these cats much before and I thought they looked odd. This makes them look very cuddly, which I am sure she is.