Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashback Friday

 After seeing Becky's FF photos on instagram I decided to share a few :) It's so hard to tell what year it was in Ed's pics, he was really little! He looked like he was 3 in kindergarten, it's a wonder that he grew into such a big stud.

  I need shoe  help! did that get your attention?! This is going to involve clicking links (right click and open in new window please) if you dont have time I understand *tear*

Ok, so I bought these, I love the way they look! They make my size 10 feet look like a size 6. they're just a smidge too small thought... I think, and the top hurts if my leg slightly touches it, not too tight but hard?(I will try with socks before I return).

My question is what do you like best for a replacement?
1. Vance in this color or black.
2. Blyth in brown
3. Hanaki, I really like these

What do you think? I'm hoping the Steve Madden's work with socks because I love the 1900s look of the lace thingies but *sigh* I think they're too small. I was so happy to see that Blowfish sells 11's off their site, after trying  a size 10 on in Ross I looked them up on Zappos and they only sell 10s. Some women have big feet people C'MON!!

In an hour we're off the the airport to pick up Tommy!!! Fun will be had, big time.

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the video! I need to catch up on my Vlog Q&A soon :D


Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

I love the Vance shoes, in any color, they are pretty fierce!

Krista said...

I love old photos! Ed and his grandma are really cute together, you can tell she adored him and he her :) I love your old pic from high school, you guys have been together since your angry cool!

Shoe shopping, fun fun! I do like your original purchase, the laces just make the shoe. Of the three alternates I like the last one best, it's a sexy shoe. I do like the Vance too in that brown sort of tweed.

Have a blast this weekend!

Philly Art Girl said...

Is this even a question? The Vance. However, is it possible you just need to break the new ones in? Sometimes I wear new shoes around the house for an hour or two or out to events where I know I'm going to be sitting *most* of the time. That usually gets them to a point where they're broken in and comfortable.

harmonybatham said...

I like the last pair-that I won't even attempt to spell...but really I love those steve maddens the most!! try um with socks! break um in!!

nikkibit said...

I think I'm partial to the Haniki over the blyth, blyth is just too flat and clean. The first pair are cute too!
Have you seen the youtube video for how to stretch your shoes larger in the freezer? Not sure the material of yours or where they are too tight exactly, but it might work!

danyukhin said...

Vance or, if in doubt, Hanaki ♥

Elpoo said...

When you were graduating from preschool, I was graduating from university. Sigh.

Elpoo said...

PS. Hanaki.
I feel your pain, sister. I have size 11's. Not a lot of Manolo's in my size.

Marizabeth said...

This is so cool! Maybe I'll do something similar one day... if Bear agrees to it... ha!