Sunday, July 10, 2011

What I Wore // Milk Chocolate

Belt: Wet Seal
Glasses: Hot Topic
Ring: local shop
Shoes: BC Footwear, Sleep under the stars

If I don't put words here it looks like I have no body, calves come out of my boobs :/

I wanted to wear a red belt but then I didnt know what shoes to wear....I need red shoes.

 Thank you for Humoring me. I really don't know what I'm doing yet with these outfit posts. I need to remember what details I want to show but I think my mind get's consumed with not showing back rolls and I forget, I completely forgot to show the mandarin collar on this dress :(  I found Little Bit Vintage through Kaylah, I was so happy to see a variety of girls in the photos and I've bought 4 dresses already. It's amazing to see something vintage that actually fits me, plus Nikki of LBV used to live in Santa Cruz and can attest to the fact that thrifting here sucks. I feel better hearing it from someone else because I kept thinking maybe I just wasnt searching every nook and cranny hard enough.

A lot of stuff has happened in the past few months that has contributed to my happiness and feeling much better about myself, including losing about 20lbs since last year. I'm having a lot more fun getting dressed even just for daily errands and if people are staring at me I just assume it's because I look good. I was randomly googling last night and I found an image comparing Evan Rachel Wood to Christina Hendricks. Now I think Evan is very beautiful, but good god she looks like a stick. Me and Ed were talking about body types being represented in the media and how we didnt realize how important it was until now when it's actually  had a positive effect on my self esteem.  It's like now there is this beautiful woman on a popular tv show and suddenly people are more vocal about thinking big boobs, small waist, and hips is attractive. Are redheads benefiting from Joan Holloway too I wonder?  It's nice that the word curvy is being properly used, curvy does not mean a stick with big boobs, that would be called... curved?  

I dont know where I was going with this but yeah.

Tammy says, that pesky laptop is in my way!
I moved to the dining table and I still can't get away from her!


Sarah Knight said...

Very cool : )
And yeah, I'm curvy too, which makes clothing shopping one of those - but will there be a giant gap *right there* sort of thing... and often involves the word "ugh."

So, if you ever feel frustrated and annoyed while clothing shopping, just know that you are not alone. I am not a shapeless stick; or a stick with boobs.
; )

The Dainty Squid said...

That dress looks so cute on you!!
And those pictures of you and Tammy, oh my goodness, precious! :)

Cas said...

Love the dress. You look great. :) :) I'm still trying to get over wearing only jeans and odd tee shirts. I really do love getting dressed up... but I am intimidated to even LOOK for cute stuff because of my size. I am curvy... a size 18 and while I know there is stuff out there I am still.... terrified. lol anyway... I'm babbling. You look amazing. And Tammy is adorable!!!! Sea Marie

Courtney said...

You look so gorgeous and so happy in these photographs. I think you look amazing.
Are you weraing Lincoln Park After DArk on your nails? Or what color is that? I love dark nail colors in the summer.

nikkibit said...

Yay, that looks great on you! I think it will transcend nicely into fall and winter as well, maybe with some tights and a cardigan. Glad you like it, I will certainly be keeping my eye out for you when I'm shopping! I've already found a few others I think you'll really like, just need to get my lovely model in them for you to see! :)
PS: I will add your cute pics to my blog tomorrow!

Erin Dawn said...

I love this outfit!!! It's so cute! I've always had body issues because of being "curvy" and it's only been this year that I've just come to love it. <3

Danielleorama said...

Thank you guys<3<3

Courtney, It's an OPI shade called mysterious, it looks really good in person. In some light it's opalescent purple and has flecks of copper,overall very shiny!!

Krista said...

You are too cute sweetie! I love this dress and you and that adorable owl ring. Cooo Cooo Cooo :)

Too many women are concerned with being "skinny" and not enough care about being healthy. It's great when you find your happy spot, that place where you can be confident with how you look and feel great too!

I was born a redhead and it wasn't until I was in my twenties that I realized how special we really are.