Friday, August 05, 2011

Gnat & Trout

  This is Gnat, Ed named him. He's much more photogenic than his lady friend Trout :)

I love my little early birthday presents!


Elpoo said...

are those betas? are you going to spawn them?

Danielleorama said...

yes and I'm going to PAWN them...HEY OH!

Cas said...

Awww.... they are beautiful. :) :) I also have 2 bettas on my computer desk. (male and female.. set up just ilke yours!) I just love them... they are so relaxing when I am working. :) Sea Marie

Krista said...

So I wanna know what the kitties think of them :)

Alycia ( said...

oh cute! i've always loved beta fish but they always end up dying on me :(

Sarah Knight said...

Bettas are cool, indeed :D

I have 3 of them on the kitchen table. Every betta has it's own personality ;)

The one thing that I would say is that contrary to what it says on the box in which that container came — they are animals and they really need a bigger space in which to live... keeping them in small containers would be kind of like expecting your cat to live in something the size of the box that a washer or dryer came in.

And if you feed them 3 times a day - they'll be much more fond of you because they actually like to eat, trust me.

I have to have the "I'm not going to feed you *every* time I walk thru the kitchen speech repeatedly" with my brood. Although apparently they wish I would.

Anyway, bettas are awesome :D