Tuesday, August 23, 2011


 Today is a day of awful pms. Waking up feeling like I cant open my eyes, waiting too long for much needed coffee only for the remaining 18oz to be spilled all over the living room. How come I love coffee but the lingering smell of it spilled makes me sick? It's all cleaned up and I feel like a little wrung out sponge. pms should end when you've cried a sufficient amount to please the gods...right?  At least I have this <3

and there are 2 fuzzy ones in bed with me now to ensure I have a good nap Zzzzzzz


Miss Autumn said...

sweetness overkill. Awwww!

Another Diamond Day said...

Glad to know you've got some beautiful creatures to cuddle with! :-)

Henderson said...

Same. When I was pregnant Gavin would make a pot and I would be so pissed to have to smell it sitting there or clean up after him. (I was not drinking caffeine.) Finally I just went out and got a Keurig because I couldn't take it anymore. Best $$$ we've unnecessarily spent.