Friday, September 09, 2011

Flashback Friday

Every so often I'll go back through my blog and livejournal and read or find the date we're on and see what I was doing back then. I totally remember what I was talking about in this post.

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 [04 Sept 2002 | 2:36pm]
.......i smell really goood..... i am so bored, i wish i was working. i could clean the house but that doesn't sound very fun. i have been majorly slacking with the updating of my journal. i wanted to but i have been feeling so drained creatively and another thing that is just stressing my mind is that our 3 yr. anniversary is coming up October 5th and i have no idea what i am going to do. some people at Ed's work are being huge bitches, sometimes i wish he would quit... i was talking to Jackie on the phone and i looked out the kitchen window and saw this thing way up high in a tree, good thing for zoom. i think its a heron or something who knows, it was scary.

I'm gonna go hug my guppers :)


What a dork! I had just got Guppy so I believe I was bottle feeding him every couple of hours, we had just moved into out first apartment that we ended up staying in for only 2 months. Besides baby Guppy we had an awful parrot named Phoebe and a wonderful ferret named Daisy<3 I was bored and needing a job bad, pretty soon after this ended up working at Petsmart for awhile, boy I dont miss those days...or do I? I miss being 17 and not having a care in the world though at the time life seemed pretty hard it was actually pretty sweet :)

Ok so! I remember looking out the window and seeing this crazy thing in the tree. I thought,"holy shit, i'm going to be one of those people that calls Weekly World News because I discovered this alien in a tree." It turns out it was a heron, but it was super strange to see this pretty large bird so high in a tree...yeah.

I'm battling a sinus infection at the moment, the power of neon orange is on my side!

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