Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sweat baby sweat

You cant tell how totally sweaty I am here but at least you can see my cute new phone cover >.<

I pretty excited to get fancy in my  Red Velvet dress! Outfit post coming soon!


Anonymous said...

What a cute iPhone cover! About half of the people I know have kills me. I want one so bad. Hahaha. I love your blog by the way! Stumbled upon it today. You're so cute :)


Marizabeth said...

Cute! I am excited to see your Red Velvet dress post! I really always want to buy a dress, but I never wear dresses, and Elsie likes hers short (and makes them short), so I know I will never wear one if I buy one. I will just live vicariously through all you blog-friends who bought one! haha

Cas said...

lol this is a funny/adorable picture. And I'm pretty sure I need that cover............. :P