Friday, September 30, 2011

zelda shirt-levelupstudios

I can't get over the perforation on these shoes *swoon*. I had an upsetting indecent last week where I tried to get my first pair of swedish hasbeens, these gems in particular and even the size 11 didnt fit, the length and width was good but the leather was way to tight and so thick it wouldn't have stretched out :/ so I soothed myself with a "trip" to zappos and now I have a new brand that I can wear in a 10, seychelles! :D
We drove up to Tommy's new place in San Fransico and we saw this awesome little house on the way, I think it's had a new paint job since I've seen in last. Right ahead of us the sky looked crazy with all the fog :)


Krista said...

Adorable shoes and the socks with the bow, sweetness! I love the skirt too, bright and happy!

SO.... Chris and I both think Ed's game is RAD but super difficult, where's the girl version with shorter boss fights and more hearts dropping? :) fingers crossed!

It really is an amazing game!

Rachele said...

So bright and colorful! I love it! Your outfit photos are getting better and better lady. Those socks are really adorable too.

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful smile! My eyes disappear if I smile too big. And those socks are CUTE!

Tastes Like Love said...

My mouth watered a little bit when I saw your shoes & socks get up! You are a babe!!

Lauren x

Danielleorama said...

Thank you so much girls<3 I was a little bit worried that this outfit was too crazy but I just went for it. I knew I had done something right when every old lady at the westfield mall was looking either disturbed or confused by me :D