Thursday, December 29, 2011

Catching up via Instagram

The last present I opened from Ed. I just about died when I saw the box, I really wasn't expecting jewelry because I just got some for my birthday but he is crazy so...It's a ruby on one side and diamonds on the other, he picked it out himself<3 I feel like a baby baby Elizabeth Taylor with my lovely jewelry collection forming.

Then there's Fairly, my Jerry Berrys doll, isnt she the cutest :3

Last week we watched American Horror Story! Oh my goodness, i kept hearing things bout this but i wasn't sure what it was and we dont see commercials sooo...we checked it out and it was so awesome! Except for seeing Dylan Mcdermott naked, ick his pecs are like on his neck D: I love that they used an age appropriate woman to play the mother. I dont think people who make tv or I even realize how important it is to let people know that you age and it's not good to look plumped and tightened, you can age gracefully. Ha sorry that was a little tangent buuut you should check it out if you like scary stuff. It was just scary enough :) and next season is gonna be a whole new story!

Last week we recieved Super Meat Boy sweatshirts from level up studios! So rad and comfy. Then Ed was written up on the local newspaper, sort of a follow up with news about Indie Game: The Move going to Sundance. We thought it was kind of strange how getting in a local paper is a big deal when tons more stuff that's a way bigger deal has happened, for instance SMB went PLATINUM last week D: Anyway I came up with the theory that everyone can relate to wanting people that they didnt like,went to school or worked with to suck it. I know I hoped a few choice people ran across the cover of the paper.

We saw My Week With Marilyn and grabbed a slice of pizza after. I thought the movie was pretty good, i had just listened to the book on audible and it was nice to have a women playing the part instead of a British man doing trying to do a breathy MM.

We went to Watsonville, which is sort of the "Mexican town" around here. Inside of a littler mercantile we found a bunch of bizarre Santeria stuff, we also got the Santa head pinata there .

Lots of Keurig,kitty cuddles and Call of Duty MW3

My mom came over and made sweet potato cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting, they were better than Cinnabon. 

Awesome Christmas present from my mom, look how she even captured little cricket. I also have a matching necklace :D

I spent some time organizing my supplies since a certain cat (Tammy) knocked all of it over. Hand sewed a little worm thingy.

The first 3 pics are of a christmas present from my sister and Acacia, she drew me and Ed and herself  marrying a ninja turtle "Michael Angelope" hehe. // We took the kids out for lunch and they came over for some muffins a few days later<3

I found these two snuggled together and it made my day! //  Our new media computer, it's about 1/15th the size of the old stack, it looks so much better than that giant thing sitting on there.

A few days ago I fell down the first 6 or so stairs of the staircase, i just slipped in my socks :/ I cant believe I didn't hurt myself any worse than a bruise and sore muscles. // My attempt at making cookies last night... I forgot how much they spread out :x

So there's my lil update. I'll be back soon with an end of the year round up type post.

p.s. Ed also got me a pink cat stroller, now that's love!


Elyse Chatterton said...

That bruise- oouch!

MaDonna Flowers said...

So cute! That little girl's hat is AWESOME, too, by the way.