Monday, April 16, 2012

Errands n'stuff

Today we had to take the car in for a scheduled maintenance and we're so awesome we decided not to take the free shuttle anywhere and instead walk to the grocery store for lunch :D

 Pulling a Donald Trump Jr.

After we got the car back we headed to Home Depot for some soil. I'm not sure if I ever posted about our planter boxes...we had 3 put in where the first owners had a hot tub. We have seeds just waiting to be planted now that the weather's nice. Sooo we were going to start one box and I told Ed that we needed at least 2 bags for 1 box and he wouldn't listen to me! When we got home is was clear that is wasn't enough, but we did pick up some little succulents to plant so we did that. We still have our prickly pear, it's been through a lot in the 10 years we've  had it and hasn't had much of a chance to grow. It almost got left at our old apartment but we went by to pick up some mail and saw that is had been ripped out of the ground so we took it.

Tammy came out for a bit.

 lookit her lil belly, we call it her balls :}
 Oooh yeeeeah warm cement!

 I made this!

 Succulent area and some extra white flowers, we'll see if those survive.

We've had the Baby Toes for almost a year! I hope they do ok in the ground.

 My uncle painted these for me Christmas. It's Ed, me, and "the kids" :)

*yawn* long day -_-

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