Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm back!

Hey Guys!
  Welcome back to...this blog:) I was missing it and I was missing the name. I talked to Ed about it and we agreed that i'm known everywhere else on the internet as Danielleorama but I'll keep my brand/shop name Theory of Cute. I love ToC but it doesnt feel right for a personal blog. I've barely updated this year so it was super easy to transfer the posts over to here.

   I have been so slammed with the Team Meat/Isaac shop, especially since the Isaac expansion came out and Indie Game: The Movie (both are on sale at the moment!). I started feeling pretty down on myself... I've been watching people in the plush community grow and for the past 2 years I've been churning out the same thing. Business is great and it's hard/stressful trying to keep up with the demand but I need a break for awhile. I closed the shop down early this month to give myself a nice long break before and after my birthday(8/14). It feels like such a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, no pending orders, no hour long trips to the post office, no hand cramps from filling out customs forms :x

  I wanted to make something new, but there are still so many "Ed game" related things I want to make so the first thingI made for fun was a Harlequin Baby (it's a familiar from The Binding of Isaac, don't google it or you will see disturbing images).

  That was fun! I especially like how the mouth turned out. I want to grow in my construction skills so I  tried using the ball pattern and attaching a body.

  For my next piece I wanted to expand on that design, something embryionic and I had a clear vision of an umbilical cord in my mind, everything else happened very organically. That's how most things I do happen since I'm not the greatest at drawing it's hard to sketch something out and my ideas dont seem to flow out of my hands that way.

  By the time he was finished he clearly looked like a squirrel to me and thus Squire The Newborn Squirrel was created. I was so happy with him and felt so good for stepping out of my comfort zone and making something new. Even though I thought he was adorable I was quite sure that he would have no fans and people would think he was too weird or ugly.

  I posted the photos of him the next day and was bracing myself for "eew that's weird" comments, but to my surprise people loved him and one of my most loyal customers reserved him right away. It was a great moment to be rewarded for staying true to myself and if that wasnt enough a few days later I was featured on Mr. X Stitch's Too Cute Tuesday post. I read it right before I was going to bed and it totally made my week. 

I plan on getting some sewing in tonight and I also need to work out like whoa! Thanks for coming back/reading<3


Mandy said...

Good to see you back and posting again!
Live the new unusual and unique. Stayung true to yourself is something I've been dealing with lately too. I've really started evaluating my own creations and I find the things I make just for me are the ones that people respond to (rather than the things I make that I think people will like)...makes me much more excited about creating lately!
Can't wait to see what else you come up with during your off time. :)

Giovana Villegas said...

Yeeeeeey welcome back :D
loved the new plushies !!

My blog♥

Claire Warren said...

oh that is too cool! Glad your back to this blog. I like the name better.