Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ugh...I mean yay!

 I’m back. I fell off the fitness wagon for awhile, I actually fell of the wagon of doing anything productive whatsoever. I think I was so overwhelmed before we closed the shop that afterward I just shut down and did nothing but play games D:
 Then its a lame cycle of feeling too gross to workout but feeling that way because I havent worked out…Last night I finally put my shoes on and went out to garage. I think I put back on the 5lbs I had lost, my knees hurt a little being on the treadmill so i got on the bike and did a good 40min, then used my 3lb weights for 10 min. I felt better immediately. It’s so fucked up because I KNOW how good I feel after but my brain is SO resistant to exercise if I break my routine. 
 The juicing went well and I enjoyed it but it sort of backfired. There definitely weren’t enough calories for me to do anything but sit around and drink my next juice. I felt really good afterward but still not strong enough to exercise. Probably would have been more beneficial to not juice and just keep working out (duh). But I wouldnt have known unless I tried it. Since doing it I only used soy creamer in my coffee and agave nectar. Splenda tastes terrible to me now and cream tastes weird, even though I’m eating all the other dairy i normally would.
Any who I’m still feeling the happy effects of last nights workout so I’m gonna get back out there (the garage:) and get a workout before I lose it.
note to self:  I better get a nice sloppy before picture since I’m basically starting all over :}
[last nights stats]
Duration: 00:49:47
Calories: 510
Avg HR: 148
Max HR: 162
In the zone: 00:49:15
How I feel before & after a workout :P


Krista said...

76 Don't ever get discouraged just keep at it. You can totally do this!

Danielleorama said...

Thank you Krista!! <3