Friday, December 20, 2013

A full day of bubs

Wednesdays we get Dusty after preschool. We watched Goonies and he practiced his numbers and drew with Ed. After we dropped him off we met my sister for Eli's christmas concert. He's in transitional kindergarten and his class sang Jingle Bells ^__^  We went out for frozen yogurt afterward, there were some pics of me but I look too horrendous to share them XD At some point before we went to sleep we put the tree up, it's been sitting in the box in the dining room for a week ugh.

      Some stills from the video of Eli's Jingle Bells performance!

he killed it!

This is by far my fave picture of them, Acacia's face cracks me up!


We didnt do much today but see our therapist (preparing my brain for xmas), get a few more presents for the kids, pinata stuffing, and I walked for an hour on the tread mill ^__^

 One of my favorite things to eat lately, eggs, a super baked yam, and a lil but of shredded cheese.

Walked while watching The Biggest Loser instead of sitting on the couch!


Taryn said...

so do you bake the yam and then cut it up and put in with the scrambled eggs and cheese? it sounds like something i would love and super easy!

and i'm with ya, glad christmas is over!! bring on summer! (i live in iowa, so it's bitterly cold here now).

happy new year!! cheers!

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