Sunday, January 19, 2014

Belated xmas plushes!

I'm so happy I finally got to give George and Laura their xmas presents! I enjoyed making these so much and seeing their reactions was the best feeling in the world. The first character is one of Laura's, you may know her as the composer and sound designer of Plants vs. Zombies, original characters, a Leeble, from two of her games. The game she's working on now is called Rakuen :)
To keep up with her everything she's doing you can now follow/like her on facebook!

This crazy little guy is called Octogeddon, he's the main character in a game that George, you may know him as the creator of Plants vs. Zombies, is working on. 

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Liama Jhons said...

feeling great, it is just impressive, i am just loving it. Lost and found