Friday, December 21, 2007

The most wonderful time of the year?

Long time no post. I have been kind of down in the dumps, but I guess that's what expected around this time of year right? This year is especially rough though it seems. The results of my fingerprints have been delayed, which I was expecting because that's what happened when I worked for Easter Seals. I know what the problem is...I changed my last name to my mother's maiden name when I was 10...therefore I'm shifty and get lost in the system.
Hopefully they will come through in January so I can get back to working in the classroom. I really miss it.

I meant to post when I hit 100 sales on Etsy but....I didn't and now I'm up to 124!! Which means despite being jobless I still have $ for rent and bills, yay! I've sewn a few things in the last couple days, 1 new design that I really like! but the weather has been too crappy for good pics.

Me and Ed already exchanged gifts of course, mostly because they were stressing us out. I'll wait to post about them until after Xmas.

Well, that is pretty much all the update I have :) I'll leave you with a pic of Me and Bridget from last week. BFFzzzzz!!!

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san francisco lauren said...

hi!! Christmas on Etsy was nice for me too! If you have any time next week, I would love to come down to Santa Cruz and hang out for a night or something!! You could show me all the cool shops before I leave!! I have all week off of work.

I can tell you all about my move. My ex-boyfriend's family reads that blog, so I don't want to get *too* detailed.

Let me know!