Friday, December 21, 2007


Ugh. our sleeping schedule is so off. We have been going to bed at 5am and getting up at 2pm, by the time we get out of the house we have two hours of light :/ It's been too cold for us to be outside anyhow though. Last week we went up the coast and could only get a few pieces of sea glass before we gave up. Today we stopped by this little cemetery I had never been to before. I didn't even know it existed until we had to take a detour a couple days ago. It's right by houses and is super run down. Sooo spooky! All the graves were super old, late 1800's.
there is a really cool cemetery in San Jose that has old pictures on all of the graves stones. I dunno why I like going, I am such a scaredy cat.

For I dunno how long, we have slept with a fan on full blast, we need the noise to sleep. two nights ago the motor burned out, we woke up thinking there was a fire and sleepily stumbled around the house, it took us awhile to realize the fan wasn't going. So we went one sleepless night and bought a sound machine yesterday. It worked well for me, Ed's still undecided. We keep it on rain, it sounds like it's pouring outside :) There's also a heartbeat setting...creepy.

We're gonna see the late showing of Juno tonight!


The Millionizer said...

i need a fan too! it started in college when i lived in the dorms, now i can't sleep without it. i've been thinking about getting a noise machine just because it seems so wasteful to have a whole fan going all night. does yours have a setting that sounds like a fan? cuz i can't deal with frogs and shit.

The Millionizer said...

i'm in. where do you live? can we carpool?