Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Sooo let's see here...Saturday I woke up feeling not so great, later in the day when I started feeling better I went to Bridget's and we went out for chinese food and played WoW. Bridget says I play like an anarchist...haha I just get bored really easily.

Sunday mom picked me up and we went to sis'. Mom died her hair with the power out with a new shade. I came out looking like an old purplish brown pelt :) So I rescued her and used the same recipe I use on mine. I turned out a very pretty light blonde!

Yesterday I woke up super early and went with my sister to Acacia's first gymnastics class. This girl is seriously a genius. It was so much fun, watching her impatiently wait to go down the slide, marching in place balling up her hands :)

Afterwards I dropped off 5 or 6 applications at different vet offices. Ugh...please come through fingerprints!!

Then we went back to my house and watched Eagle vs. Shark. Everyone who watches it is disappointed :/

hopefully a new video of Acacia coming soon.

I've been embroidering a bit lately. I really like embroidery, although my stitches don't look as neat as I'd like them to, it's very relaxing for me. I'm thinking about opening another etsy shop with anything I make that isn't plush, we'll see.

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