Monday, January 28, 2008

Lots to say

Ouch! I bit my tongue so hard crunching on popcorn kernels that I was totally paralyzed for a few minutes and now have a bruise on my tongue eeww!!

Funny thing, the day after my last post I plugged in my new machine after not being able to find my manual! and viola! it weird tension issues....I can do all my fancy hearts and leaves weird.

My sister is pregnant!! The idea of this new baby is so strange. How will we love this baby as much as Acacia? I know we will of course but this thing, this great love for something that hasn't existed for very long is such a mystery. By the time the new baby comes along Acacia will be 2!! and will hopefully be ready to spend the night at our house :)

I remember the day I was talking to Ed about Acacia before she was born I felt like he didn't really get it until I said," you're going to be an uncle....she's OUR niece". I don't think he realized that this was something that was happening to both of us until then, I definitely noticed a change after that. Friday night I was babysitting and I started feeling pretty poorly, so I had to call Ed at work. He came to the rescue and entertained her all night. Although it's not too hard for him. She is content to sit on his lap, play with his beard, and watch youtube, cat bloopers are her favorite :)

Next month we are going to be a house of 3 for probably 3 months. Florian, the guy that made triachnid with Ed is visiting from Austria. He was originally coming for IGF, since Triachnid mad it! but decided to stay longer. At first the idea of someone staying in the extra room...a boy no less, sounded like a terrible idea but now I'm warming up to it. I would feel bad having this visitor out in the cold cruel world possibly staying with hippies and being forced to compost. Plus I will put makeup on him in his sleep!

Still no fingerprint results...This is SOOO frustrating. I don't even have traffic tickets....whyyyyy must I get held up in the system??!! At least I have 2 scheduled days to work at the groomers coming up...that's something.


Saturday we went to Big 5 in search of roller blades, Ed ended up with roller skates. We went to the skating rink and tried them out. we both hurt our feet for some reason and had to go home early, we're gonna try them out again in a covered parking lot, hopefully tonight, so we can see if we need to return em or not.


After loving the drums on rock band Ed ordered an electronic drum set. I need to break out my keyboard so we can make some sweet jams.

Here's Acacia helping Ed put the drum set together<3

Drum set

Oh! I almost forgot...In TV news....The 3rd season of Quantum Leap is shaping up to be fabuuuulous. We've almost finished Liquid Television. I'm so sad that there's no more Winter Steele or Dog-Boy :( BUT BUT BUT have you seen the new American Gladiators?!! It's the best show ever, for reals. I want a lunchbox with Titan,Wolf, and Crush on it!! thermos too pls k thanx!!

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