Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tu Tu Tuesday =( . - .)=

My first tote!!

This is my first attempt at a tote. I needed to do something with this fabulous Japanese canvas that I had been hoarding. I suck at patterns and tutorials so I pretty much winged this and I have to say I'm pretty happy with it. Tote+messenger bag=what a happy marriage!

I had something to say but uuuuh I don't remember. My tongue is healing nicely it had been making my mouth salivate a lot though which led me to thinking about people out there whos mouths normally produce too much saliva and how lucky I am to have normal saliva glands....and no other physical disabilities or deformities....then I turn to Ed ( I couldn't sleep) and gaze at the perfection that is his head, praise jesus.

I should probably get started on my wips....1 penguin, 1 cat, 1 robot, 2 bear-ish things, and 1 fish thing.



I remembered what I had to say. This totally made my day!


That's Brigette a.k.a. WeirdBugLady, I would have named her CuteBugGirl. Check out her shop and flickr. Her dragon and Narwhal are my favorites!

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