Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A new day, a better day

I'm actually awake and being productive and it's still the AM!! I somehow worked up the nerve to plug in my sewing machine and immediately felt a wave of happiness. Ah sewing therapy:)

Here's my WoW character. I'm a hunter/troll (miner&engineer)and that's my pet Piggles. He protects me<3, I seriously love that virtual pet and feed him expensive food to keep him happy. I wouldn't have thought a boar would have been my choice but what do you know. He was the first animal I tamed and I've had him since he was around level 5 and since then he's turned into a tank of a killing machine!! I know I sound a bit insane but this is the closest I am to having a dog while I am slowly wearing Ed down.

I never thought we would play this game and look at me now, I love it! An endless cooperative adventure. It is sooo hard to find co-op games. I get this wonderful feeling when we're playing something together, I truly enjoy it and we really bond. I imagine it's the same type of thing for couples that do crossword puzzles or play tennis together?

When Lauren came to visit she surprised me with this super cute,pants wearing elephant and a matching pouch! How sweet :) I'm thinking his name is Stanley...

Me and Bridget finally exchanged xmas presents last weekend. She got me this wonderful mug! It's so weird too because earlier in the day I was at one of my favorite shops and saw this artwork for the first time and love it!
She said she saw the cup and immediately saw me, did you? I mean I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I would look like in a cat suit :) She also got me rubbery skulls that go over your keys! and cornuts! the girl knows the way to my heart. I got her a black mini Holga and lots of film. I was unsure if she would like it buuuut she loved it! and has apparently been coveting my pink one. Perfect.

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