Monday, February 25, 2008


Wow, it feels so good to be awake with a purpose. I seriously miss going to work and I don't understand how it is possible that my fingerprints still haven't cleared.

Today I'm visiting April and taking care of her new baby while she works. I can't wait to snuggle that little guy!

This weekend I went to the salon with my mom. My hair was looking good for the most part around the roots but the ends we're looking really grey/white/purple. I asked the lady to make it all one blonde color but when I looked in the mirror after she rinsed me off it was a brown purple....nowhere near blonde. She seemed to think it looked ok.....I was not pleased and decided to fuck it and go red. Even the red though is not the color I asked for... Oh well I do a better job with color myself and plan to go a more orangey Lucille Ball red in the near future. Ed was shocked when I told him over the phone that I was going red but when I got home he totally loved it :) I definitely think I look better with dark hair, blond is just too hard to keep up.

Meet Pigee! In the winter months his 3 small patches of fur keep him toasty warm!!


Laura/DaPFG said...

am digging the new 'do! :) would love to see a more head-on (?) picture of it, though. and pigee is adorable of course.

my 27th bday gift to myself is going to be to go to a high-end salon (well, something more than SuperCuts) and get a NICE LASTING haircut. i paid $20 at christmas ($13, plus $7 tip because she sat me right away and had me sign in AFTER - during CHRISTMAS!), and then got home and realized she did practically nothing except maybe trim 1/2 an inch. lame.

so i'm thinking Aveda this year, unless it's maybe too edgy for my simple little self :P

The Millionizer said...

oh hey, i have orangey/red dye that i didn't like BUT i saved it because i thought SOMEONE would like it. do you want it?