Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ed's games + shirts

How cool is this?! Although the drawing of Ed is quite a atrocious and I wish Alex and Florian could've been featured somewhere....but what can I say my man's a star! I'm not sure exactly where they're being sold yet, what a sweet deal though ,an awesome game and shirt together :)

Monday was crazy!! I ended up helping April cook for her business for 11 hrs. The first task she put me on was baking 5 pans of brownies and 75 mini muffins. I haven't baked anything more than chocolate chip cookies and pre made mixes from Trader Joe's so I was a little nervous. They turned out fantastic though and beautiful, who knew I could bake?? I made several different kinds or puree too. When we have a baby I'm totally making all of its food, it's extremely easy.

Midday I got a call from the video store down the street, I had turned in a resume on Friday, they offered me the job and I started yesterday :) it's seriously 2 minutes from the house and its very fun and easy,plus I get to recommend movies to people that have no clue what to watch :) So with this job and cooking on Monday I'm totally making enough money to rejoin society until my damn prints come in.

I'm behind on sewing!! I'm sooo close to being done with my "swap plush" which should have been in the mail yesterday :x I think it will be worth the wait though, I'm really happy with it.

Time to get ready for work!

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Ed's the only face that wouldn't scare customer's away!