Friday, February 29, 2008

Big Red

I finally finished my swap plush! His name is Big Red. We have tons of beautiful redwood parks around so I thought he would be perfect for this swap :)

I feel slightly overwhelmed, but in a good way. Ed will be 28! this sunday and then sunday the 9th we'll be celebrating his birthday with friends, rollerskating party!!!

I'm doing a much anticipated swap with dolls for friends!! and I got accepted to participate in a show atthe Hello My Name Is gallery in New Haven,CT.

I'm off to get a bit of exercise on my bike and then it's straight to the sewing machine!!


Anonymous said...

good job sissy!

Cassy said...

I love Big Red! The trunk material totally makes him/her. Where did you find such a cool print? That swap is going to make someone sooo happy!