Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thu Thu Thursday!

Yay! Today has been a good day :) I got Erin's package in the mail, she went all the way to German Town to get those napkins. They're too pretty to use, I'll have to save them for a very special occasion.

Erin's package

I also got my embroidered labels in the mail!! They are simple and perfect and will save me a lot of time from handpainting them. I used Wovina. They have extremely good prices and the shipping was fast!

My labels

I made a new Poilu last night, her name is Greta. Her and Henry have allready found home. People seem to love them and that makes me feel like a million bucks. When I went to bed last night (boy has it been hard to sleep) I was thinking about making some illustrations and maybe even a little story :)I love them!

Greta Poilu

spt 2.7.08

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ttishbite said...

I love Greta and Henry! They need to go on some adventures.