Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wa wa Wednesday

Henry Poilu and worm friend<3

Meet Henry, He's a Poilu, meaning furry in French. Poilus can often be found digging in the grass in the wee hours of the morning looking for worms, not to eat but to befriend. It is not unheard of for a poilu and worm to stay friends for life.

Poilus live of a diet of PB&J sandwhiches their favorite jam is usually apricot, sometimes blackberry.

When a Poilu becomes excited or frightened the fur on his face will poof out!

Henry Poilu


Meet Roy! Taking after his namesake Roy Rogers, Roy dreams about being a cowboy and riding the open range. He would totally settle for a pony of his very own though.

Forest Bunnies

Forrest Bunnies!!!

This week is passing by too fast! Since I've been staying up sewing everynight my schedule is getting pretty messed up. I made an impulsive purchase on Superbuzzy at 6am. I haaaad to get some the adorable flannel they have and well....then I just had to have a few more things. Luckily Ed wasn't peeved :) phew!

I have SO MUCH to do...but that's ok, I'll get it all done...seriously I will.

I called the Department of Justice to check on the progress of my fingerprints now that it has been over 30 days and it says they were confirmed, meaning I'm clear. I've left 2 messages for the Human Resources Dept. at the school district and NO ONE has called me back. would be really nice and professional if someone could just call me and let me know why I am having a further delay. In better news when I got back from the store there was a message from the Vet Office when I have been doing on-call grooming, they say they have some openings for a vet tech. Hopefully I can set up an interview on Monday.

We watched No Country For Old Men last night. It was ok...wasn't anything I'd need to own or watch again, it was good just kind of ho hum. I did think they were really smart about the violence. There was killing and gore but it wasn't excessive. Show some, don't show some but you knew what happened and thank you Cohen brothers for not showing me a dead Woody Harrelson, no one wants to see that.

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