Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Catch up

Ok let's see where did I leave off. This past week has been a crazy one for me.

Wednesday: My first day of training I rode my bike to work since Ed was sick. I had no idea it was all going to be on the computer and it was gonna take SO long. I was worried about Ed and I wanted to get home to him. I managed to finish almost all of it between 9am and 2pm. I rushed home and found Ed laying on the couch, he was running a fever and wasn't really responding to me so a few frantic phone calls later Ed's mom picked us up and we were on our way to our family doctor. He couldn't really tell us much other than Ed had a fever, he was probably dehydrated and he had a flu or virus of some kind.......Anytime Ed gets sick I try and force him to drink liquids....does it work?, maybe next time he will listen to me, i hope.

Thursday: My first day of work 11am-8pm....Now this may seem normal to you but this is a very long shift to me. To be someplace for 9 hrs. seems like an eternity, so I'm really impressed with myself that I've been able to do this and still get some things done when I get home. I found out that I accidentally turned in my original birth certificate with my father's last name instead of my amended one with my mother's so the head office saw that it didn't match my id and wanted to terminate me :x more stress!!! Ed was still sick and hardly able to eat anything, his fever broke all through the night and he woke up throwing up, which continued all day. He had gone so long without eating that the bile was making him sick, and he felt too nauseous to eat.

Friday: Ed ate and kept it down, we were able to take a small walk and over all he felt better.

Saturday: I finally got a good night's sleep knowing Ed was feeling better and was sleeping. Ed drove me to work since his mom had picked me up Thursday night and my bike was still at longs. I cannot find my f'ing birth certificate or my ss card :/ So I brought my "order of name change" paper that has a seal from the court, my marriage license, our rental agreement, our tax shit in hopes that any of this might clear things up so that i could keep working until a new birth certificate came in the mail. I looked though all my name change stuff and amongst tons of xeroxes I found the original name change doc. with the seal so I gave that to the manager and said that has got to be enough to prove I'm me.......I worked for Longs before for christs sake.

I get out on the register....I'm feeling stressed, still worrying about Ed. Care taking for someone and trying to go about your daily life is extremely hard, and yet I did it, I really didn't know I had it in me to take on so much responsibility, without completely freaking out.

So about an hour into work this old woman comes in and wants to buy a lottery quick pick thing. I knew what to do but I can't sell any restricted items...even lighters and matches, for my first 30 days. i have to call a manger ever time. This really peaves the lady and she starts yelling at me...."I dunno why they put you kids on the register that can't do anything"..............while a line of people are watching,I kinda stopped listening after that. I calmly told her, " I'm going as fast as I can and doing the best job I can".......more yelling.............I started to cry......the kind that you can't control where tears are streaming down your face and your chest is heaving a little :/ more yelling, by this time someone finally came over to help me and took over so I could go to the back....once it starts you gotta let it out and the job stuff on top of Ed being so sick just kinda overwhelmed me. I know normally I would have been fine and just shined it on but that was just the last thing I needed was this fat lil 60yr. old bull dyke yelling at me about her fucking lotto. Seriously lottery people are the most impatient.....go to the fucking liquor store if you must have your lotto precisely when you want fucking twats. p.s. You're not gonna know that right?.....

Sunday: We wake up pretty early and Ed is feeling much better. He goes out to get himself lunch and Mario Kart for the wii while I finish my breakfast. When he comes back he asks me for the coffee table (its a small) so he can put his lunch on it. I'm doing something, so i grab my coffee and say take it....I see it's not moving so i say, take it!, pull it!......I look over at him and he's sitting on the couch facing me with a green velvet ring box. My tummy jumped, I felt like I was being proposed to :) Inside was this smoky quartz ring that I was admiring a couple weeks ago....That guy I swear.....he's so good at surprises. He said it was to make up for our anniversary, even though I was quite please with Dewey!! and that he wanted me to know how good I've been doing :) *tear*.

Being responsible is not something that comes super easy to me, I'm still adjusting to being an adult and trying to take on my share of duties. Even though last week was hard I felt super good, more independent by pulling my weight in the relationship, something you can forget about when someone takes good care of you. I happily went to work from 4-8pm without anyone making me cry :) Oh I forgot! We got pulled over about 2 min from my work for having a break light out. I hopped out and went to work so I wouldn't be late. Later I find out not only was our light out but Ed's license was suspended because it was meant to be renewed in march! Argh! Luckily the cop was super nice and believed that Ed had no idea it was expired so no tickets for us....phew!

Monday: I cleaned the house and we played tons of mario kart wii online, SO FUN!! I even got some sewing in.

I got a call saying my name change paper is good enough and I can continue working *huge sigh of relief* As far as the school district goes I have to wait till next fall to interview for another position :/

Went to my sister's and did our massive amount of laundry and babysat my love doodle. I heard her "sing" Winni the pooh, twinkle twinkle little star, and abc's. We watched Winnie the pooh, before she went to bed, at which I was cracking up. Have you seen the one where pooh is stuck in rabbits house. Rabbit is in a tizzy thinking how long will he have to look at Pooh's butt, so he tries to put a frame around it, some antlers and paints on it, haha I love it. My favorite character is definitely the gopher :) Weird cuz I didn't like the show at all growing up.

Today: I'm relaxing with a clean house and clean laundry. I have some sewing to do and will probably play with the rats in a bit. I've been giving them a little plate of whatever we've been having for dinner. So far they love broccoli, chicken, brown rice, spaghettios, sourdough bread, and they went ape shit over a piece of kettle corn, I have never seen so much tongue action. They have been playing together like crazy, I was a little worried at first that it was too aggressive but I don't think they're at that point yet, so far just lots of fun. Oh by the way, I had no idea there's a rat named Emile in Ratatouille s, what a coincidence!

I'll be sending In my Crammed Organisms pieces too late to be in the book but they'll be there in time for the show. For some reason anytime I sign up for a show something crazy happens and I have zero time to do anything, but at least I'll actually get something sent this time :)

Ok I think I'm all caught up now :)

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