Monday, April 14, 2008

Harvey West Park

We had so much fun at Harvey West Park yesterday! It was a great place to play frisbee, i.e. grass without gopher holes. There was a big fiesta going on so we got to play while listening to some sweet mariachi music, we even danced a little.

Things have been wonderful despite recent stresses. We've been trying our best to enjoy life and not worry about the little things.

I did however have trouble falling asleep last night thinking about my plans for the Crammed Organisms show. I think they will turn out awesome but I better seriously get started, I don't have much time!! :x

I puppy sat my sister and mother-in-law's dog this morning. I took him on an hour long walk to the beach and around the neighborhood, it was sooo hilarious watching him play with the other dogs.

I'm on my way to the gym before I lose motivation!

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