Tuesday, April 15, 2008

*whistle* C'meeere!!

So, After I finished that post yesterday I promptly hopped on my bike and rode to the gym. It was quite warm up riding against the wind. I stayed for an hour focusing on weights, arms and back of my thighs. I did crunches until it burned to bad to go on. It's funny how terrible things feel when you learn the proper way to do them.

Last night Jackie called and asked me to watch Dingo again, of course I said yes :) We were out for 3 hours today! We played at the beach and then walked to my sister's house and then her, the baby and rascal walked with us to the park. He was so pooped afterwards.

I finished my 'favorite color' swap plush last night, I hope she loves it! Mmmk...I think I'm gonna dye my hair real quick (soft black) and then it's to the sewing machine with me, for reals!

Lil ol survey

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Hollywood said...

Oh boy, oh boy! I can't wait :)

I hope Dingo didn't take any of Hot Dog's crap. He looks way too good for her.