Monday, April 21, 2008

Married for 3 years!!!

But more importantly...

Yup 3 whole years of marriage :) I can't believe it, it really has flown by. I'd say one of our biggest accomplishments is resolving arguments quickly, so I guess that would mean our communication has grown a lot. But the thing that really makes our relationship/marriage work is that we are totally hot for each other. I really can't explain how we do it but we do work really hard to be as close as possible, which is what works for I'm feeling inarticulate today :)

Any who last night Ed had a fever in the middle of the night, poor guy :( So I let him sleep as long as he could and got some stuff done. Longs called and I passed my drug test, of course, so I decided to walk there (4 miles total!) to hand in my tax stuff and even stopped by the gym on the way home. I should be working, hopefully by the weekend.

Once I got home Ed was feeling a lil better so after some lunch I wanted to go to the pet store. I didn't plan on getting anything, but I have really been wanting another creature to love and take care of and I fell in love with this little baby dumbo rat. I still can't believe Ed agreed to it! I love that man!, he really does so much to ensure that I'm happy<3

Now without further ado may I present to you the newest member of the McMillen family, Dewey!!!

Yes...his igloo is pink with glitter, he wanted it I swear!

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