Friday, April 18, 2008

A swap and good news!

Oh man do I love swaps! I received my swap from RosieOk. I could not be happier!! I swapped Dez Beaverling for Mr. Ted and a snail/mushroom set aaaand she included two more awesome mushrooms and and a super cool card holder stuffed with the coolest business cards I've ever seen! Mr. Ted is staring at me right now<3

Mr. Ted - Rosieok Swap

lil snail and shrooms - Rosieok Swap

lil snail and shrooms - Rosieok Swap

card cozy - Rosieok Swap

Yesterday was pretty freaking wonderful. On Wednesday I mentioned the fingerprint situation to our family counselor(she's pretty much the smartest woman ever) and she told me I should contact my state legislator. I was thinking yeah right, like they care about my measly prints but the next morning I googled it, entered my zip code and had a number. I spoke with John Laird's amazing secretary gave her a bit of information and within 45min my completed fingerprints were sent to the school district!!! I love you Ally, you're the best! I was printed on December 7th and I have no criminal record!! Who knows when they would have come back if I didn't do that.
Sadly my position has been taken and there is a hiring freeze while they're figuring out next years budget. But with any luck by next fall I will be working in a classroom!

However not all is lost. I found out I am eligible for rehire at Longs,a drug store I worked at briefly when I was 19, and I should be working by next week once my drug test comes back. So yeah, things are looking up :)
Now I just need to seriously get to work on my Crammed Organism pieces!

I leave you with my grandma's latest modeling job and a pair of earrings I made yesterday.

My Grammy


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