Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy birthday my love <3

Two years ago today one of the greatest loves of my life entered the world. Thank you sister for giving me the greatest gift ever<3

August 2006

Yesterday was acacia's 2nd birthday party, I was pretty tired so I didn't get many pictures. She shares the same birthday as Ed's mom, August 3rd, today. For acacia's birthday we got my sis and Joe tickets for the Thomas train at Roaring Camp Railroad, acacia was still under 2 so she was free! For Gloria we got her her first tattoo, a plumeria on her ankle!!! She was so brave :) Of course we couldn't go to the shop without getting something done ourselves. Ed got more work done on his arm and I got a diamond on the back of each arm as part of my birthday present :) If you want to meet some characters just hang out at the tattoo shop on a slow Saturday. This hilarious guy came in that made fun of me, bought me a redbull, and greeted every guy he knew with "sup girl!".

Pics of Acacia's bday and our tattoos can be seen here, I'm lazy.

Tomorrow is my first day at the preschool!! The only thing I'm worried about is getting enough sleep and hopefully not feeling like I'm dying when I ride my bike there in the morning. Blah my brain isn't working....Oh yeah I made something...


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