Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh hey! I didn't see you there!!

School Portrait SPT 8.7.08

Aww look at that cocked head! I'm a teacher ya'll!! Work has been amazing so far. I've been getting my lesson plans ready for when I'm on my own, which will be soon! My first solo day topic is police officers :)

Me and sis 1994<3

How sweet are these?! Me and my sis in 94.

4th grade

More from 94, me in 4th grade. Braces are A GOOD THING!!!

mom 1970

My momma at 12 going to her first dance. I uploaded some more that you can see on my flickr.

So life.....the laziness has stopped. I'm's wierd, no escaping, no hiding. It's sort of tiring but very rewarding. The balancing act is going well and I havent even been napping :x It's scary, being an adult! my schedule is so perfect. 3 days a week is just right to let me do everything else i need to get done. i made some fabulous ponies on Sunday night and will be sewing more and updating the shop next tuesday :)

Ok time to get the rats back into their clean cage. See ya later<3

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