Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lil review

Well well well.....I'm unelmployed again...apparently I wasn't a good fit :x yeah I'm a little surprised, I mean I after the 2nd day i pretty much realized it wasnt for me, but the work i was doing was pretty stellar in my opinion so why someone would want to get rid of me puzzles me, she said it wasn't personal but im pretty sure she felt my personality clashed with hers and its always strange to work in someones house. Anyway, on to bigger and better things! I had an interview for a learnin assistant position at a super nice elementary school, through the school district, I'll find out how it went on Monday I hope.

Ed's been home this week working on a beautiful new game. I've been having trouble getting motivated to sew, my mind has been kind of blank since wednesday, just not a whole lot of thoughts traveling through there. I did sit down and start to sew the creature from Ed's new game and about 5 min. in i sewed through my finger, I've never done that before, I'm not even sure what I was doing. It broke of the machine and broke in half in my finger. I made a lil noise and was just staring at it kind of in shock and Ed hopped up to the rescue. He told me to look away and pulled the first half out but the pointed ed was still there so I pulled it out with my teeth while Ed was looking for tweezers. Its a pretty clean wound and feels ok now, but i was really shaky afterward and had to lay down. I wasnt made for that kind of trauma. I remember stapeling my thumb and my grandma got mad at me because she thought someone was kidnapping me :/

sewed finger

Thursday night we had a birthday dinner for me at Ed's Dad and Stepmom's. It was so wonderful! The fact that they remembered and invited us over meant the world to me, I'm really glad we have a relationship with them and a good one this time. I asked for anything involving pesto,noodles,and chicken and they were all there and the also got my favorite kind of cake, tres leches <3 i feel like such a sap but I appreciated everything so much. Ed's step mom picked out a card with a little girl with chopped up bangs, something about being old enough to know better not to cut your own bangs :), which some of you might remember I had a tendency to do! She gave me a super fancy facial kit, I love that kinda stuff! and Ed's stepsister,jenna, got me a buncha super cute hello kitty stuff including this bag, and if you know me you know that mermaids+hello kitty are pretty much heaven for me. While i was eating my cake a bite fell off my fork and jenna's son said,"my food does that all the time", he's four and I thought that was just about the cutest thing to relate to me, he said it so sincerely :)

From my sister in law

After dinner we went to Ed's mom's and she gave me part of the gift she'd been working on for me. 1 of 2 Elvis pillows, so awesome! This has been THE MOST special birthday ever<3

Elvis pillow from Gloria

Off to try and sew maybe....

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