Monday, August 25, 2008




After deciding I needed to get out of the house this evening we went to sushi and walked around downtown. I looked high and low at the bookstore but i found absolutely nothing I wanted, my Paul Zindel books better be in the mail tomorrow! I felt much better after getting out and was able to finish the lil project i started this afternoon and start 2 new things.

I have been in a slump, sleeping a lot, thinking instead of doing. At least today I didn't take a nap and I'm still up whooo!

We walked to the beach a bit ago and talked about the job situation. I really have no idea if I'll get it or not. If I do it will be a somewhat far drive in the morning for Ed, three hours of work, meeting Ed for lunch and then taking the bus home or to my sister's since I'm sure I'll be there a lot once Eli is born. The big pro of this position would be the possibility of transferring to the special Ed. class next fall and being a full fledged instructional tech. If I don't get it we decided that I will take this month to find a position that is closer to home. I want to get back to work very much, I like having a schedule and a reason to get dressed in the morning.

Let's just hope the H.R. woman calls early in the day so my mind can be at ease.

Well, back to sewing. I'm just keeping at it since I know sitting and doing nothing isn't going to help anything and hopefully I'll fall into a rhythm and feel like my old self again.

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