Monday, August 25, 2008

Some new things

Felt birds

for ryan

For a friend's baby


A chicken for Ed's step mom

Today way busy. I feel exhausted and relieved that I got the job and am starting on Wednesday! Wow! One week of being unemployed that rocks. I'm so happy that I finally got in to the school district. I had to go to the social security office to apply for a new card since I seem to have lost any and every important document I had :/ That was a fun time, it was like a mix between the dmv and a free health clinic. We went to Target so I could stock up on some cheap long sleeved shirts to cover up the tattoos. I figure I can ask if I can wear normal sleeves after parents and teachers get to know me, don't need to spring that on anyone yet. Argh *waiting for Ed to get off the comp so we can go to starbucks* I need a pick me up! I'm working on a mermaid that I can hopefully get done tonight. We're going to start keeping an eye out for apartment on the west side of santa cruz since that's where I'll be working and where Ed's office is, it just makes more sense. We're not in a rush though so we can wait for something good. Okee that's all see ya.




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