Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We stopped by an "Antique Store" today in hopes of finding a display thingy for Ed's muscle men. We did find one and a fabulous fish for moi!! I love it! I am so in love with my camera, taking pictures and editing them, etc. makes me extremely happy. I got a lot of inspiration over all from the store, definitely got me in the mood to sew!

First day of work tomorrow! Eep! I can't believe its only 3 hours, thats pretty sweet. I will possibly get some extra yard duty time. I'd get a vest,whistle, and clip board...I am SO THERE!

In safeway waiting for our sammiches

Muscle Men

You can see the whole thing here

my most recent treasure!

Mine! This will be up in the kitchen shortly.

alarm clock

pink tree



mama owl

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