Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas haul n'stuff

Lots of books
Gocco Printer
Lots of fleece
Aquamarine earrings
box of supplies
wool felt
digital recorder
domukin plush
digital picture frame
mouse coin bank
hello kitty and twilight shirts
sponge bob drawn to life
stocking stuffers, including the most romantic gift evar!

beaded peacock feather earrings and necklace

Box painted by acacia, pink hello kitty locket

Gloria:Elvis mug,cute socks

Jackie: Wonderful snuggly down alternative comforter, we are so much warmer now!!

Ed's Dad & Melinda: Giant bag of kitchen stuff

Greg & Kara: Target gift certificate

So that was my loot! I'm probably forgetting something but oh well, i feel like a douche for posting my gifts anyway, but inquiring minds may want to know. We had a really great Christmas. I was worried that it would be hard especially without grandma but she must have been surrounding me<3 because I felt pretty good :)

Ed got a few gift certificates for Best Buy but couldn't find anything we needed so we got a new vacuum. It's wonderful!! As my sister said, you know you're old when vacuums are exciting, but seriously guys! it's so powerful and has and automatic cord retraction thing, i love it!

New Year's Eve we stayed at home watched Delicatessen and played with the Gocco (pics later). I didn't bother making resolutions....cuz I always do that and well...I'm still faaaat!I have been following points and exercising recently though so we'll see how that goes, just don't want to set myself up for failure.

I'm looking forward to our schedule being back on track, I have got close to nothing done!
Ok back to doing something productive :)

Loooots more pics here!

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