Friday, January 02, 2009


New pretties

I got these earrings and necklace in the mail the other day from The only bummer is that the earrings go different ways, so hopefully no one looks at me straight on :)

It looks like I could be setting myself up for failure! I'm going back to weight watchers tomorrow morning with my mom in law....Eep! I will of course keep track of the fat on here and let you know what I weigh, I'm sure it's past 200lb :x....mayhaps if this doesn't work out I will become a sumo wrestler!

We went out to dinner with Ed's mom and then went to Best Buy and Home Depot. At BB they had one of those cameras that wont take a picture until you or someone else in the photo smiles, set up with a monitor, it was the best things ever, I laughed until my stomach hurt.

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