Saturday, January 03, 2009


And the grand total is 205lbs! Wow....I don't feel that bad though because I was closer to 210 on Christmas when I weighed myself at Ed's mom's house. I'm really glad I went to the meeting this morning. The topic was "How did I let this happen again", what oprah said recently...I feel exactly the same. I know the right way to eat, to exercise etc. but here I am again weighing more than I ever have.

The meeting leader had us write down a goal we would like to achieve, mine was to be productive. Then write down how we would feel if we achieved that goal, I said relieved. So at the end of the meeting we take our papers back out and she said the secret is to feel that feeling everyday, something like that. I dunno, but it worked for me and Ed's mom. It's true, instead of sitting around and worrying I should feel relieved that I don't have to go to work and I have many hours to be productive. Saying it is easy though.

After the meeting I went next door to get a cup of coffee, a simple $2 cup, they have a $3 debit card brother in law is waiting to pick me up outside....the girl asks is there anything else you want...mind you i have been talking to another ww member while waiting in yeah,"is there anything else you want, something to eat?" Gaaaahhh I looked down and all the little pastries thinking who is gonna believe that I would just get something for i look back at the lady in line with me with a scared look on my face. I was gonna just buy her coffee but it was something fancy so she gave me some cash. Problem solved. I thought that brief panic was hilarious.

I feel pretty motivated, I would like to lose 5 lbs this week, I think I can do it if i walk everyday.

We're going bowling tonight, that's exercise right?!

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