Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th ya'll!!

We went to WW this afternoon. We waited till today cuz pretty much it was the only free time Ed had when The lady I like would be working. It was so nice having Ed there and he liked it too so that was awesome, I was worried right before we went that he wouldn't like it and wouldn't come back. I think we're going to do really well. I'm surprised that I lost any weight at all because I know I had gained since I last went in the beginning of January, and Ed has lost since he weight last week at the Dr.'s office. So looking on the bright side, a small loss but at least I didn't maintain or gain.

My goal this week will be to stick to my points obviously and get as much movement in as possible. I want us both to have big losses this week!!


Our plans tomorrow are to get some tattoos! I'll be getting an outline of a sewing machine,pin cushion, measuring tape to fill in my left arm and Ed will be getting a section of his arm filled in with his mechanical illustrations. If there's time left I'd either like a bit of color added, go over my lil e behind me ear with black and a clearer font, or d.i.y somewhere on my sleeve. Then dinner and possibly the new jason movie, we'd see it tonight but I am not a fan of crowded theaters :x

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