Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vday tattoos!

Valentine's Day by: Ed's mom<3
By: Ed's mom<3

Valentine's day tattoo!

Valentine's day tattoo!

So Chris forgot that I wanted the other stuff with the machine and thought that I did not want a pin cushion, but that's ok cuz I got the whole machine finished today. The only thing that needs fixed is the knob, it looks like a cat eye! But other than that I love it<3

Ed is getting his spaces fill with with his mechanical stuff. It's going to look awesome when it's all done. He's going back in on his birthday next month, I think I'll wait to get anything else for awhile though and I'm thinking about getting the center of my lip re-pierced. I feel like I should take advantage of not having a day job more :)

We had a good day, got to visit with Acacia for a bit before we saw Friday the 13th. It was so disappointing though, they didn't do a damn thing with it :/ and besides all the people texting,etc. There was a woman in front of us with 2 young kids, I mean young, one of em was 4 and he kept asking questions. SO SO SO inappropriate, way to scar your child. Ed was afraid I was gonna let her have it, but I didn't. I did ask her if she knew what movie she was in when they were sitting down....ugh what's wrong with people?!! I would have liked to have left and got our money back, it was a little hard to watch it knowing everything I'm seeing these poor kids are seeing....but meh Ed wanted to stay, so happy valentines day!! :D

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Anonymous said...

These are great. I wish my V-day gift would have been a a tattoo too :( I had a question. Who won the Valentine's Day Monster challenge you proposed on the Needle? I myself had some trouble trying to figure out how to submit my entry. I had a great time participating!